Paint the Town Red Tour

Yes, there’s no need to invent a time machine to relive ‘the Good Old Days’ of Communism - simply sign up for ‘Painting The Town Red’ with Tours Warsaw instead. If you’ve always wanted to call your fellow citizens ‘Comrades’ and enjoy queuing up for bread and toilet paper, now’s your chance to experience everything you missed from those times!

Join us for this Communist tour and not only will you take in the legacy of Socialist architecture but you will be treated to some very special Soviet-esque experiences, recreated just for your pleasure. You’ll visit the nightmarish Palace of Culture and Science (thanks Stalin!), the vast escalators on Castle Square, the former Communist Party HQ and of course those famous Commie tower blocks before experiencing a ride in an old Soviet-style tram. You’ll even be given your own standard issue packed lunch for the journey, which includes yummy treats such as vodka, herring and cucumber!

After all that excitement there’ll still be time for a ride in the lauded Fiat 126p ­ the People’s car ­ and do some shopping for Communist memorabilia... Happy days!

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