Jewish Warsaw Tour

If you’re in town to explore Warsaw’s Jewish legacy then allow Tours Warsaw to be your chaperons. Our guides know this vital aspect of Warsaw’s heritage as well as anyone and, through what they show and tell you, you will slowly be able to piece together a picture of Jewish life in the capital - past and present.

Amongst the many sites they will reveal to you are the Warsaw Synagogue, the Jewish Theatre, the Jewish Cemetry, the Warsaw Ghetto and Memorial to the Ghetto Heroes, Prozna Street (the only preserved street of pre-war Jewish District of Warsaw), Praga (where the Oscar-winning ‘The Pianist’ was filmed), and they will also take you to a number of outstanding Jewish cafes and restaurants. In addition, if you contact Tours Warsaw with a special request, we can set up meetings with important Jewish authorities in Warsaw, as well as organise private Sabbath dinners.

Many of these places and experiences are simply not offered by other tour operators!

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Guest 30th June 2012

Great guide...came prepared with photographs and maps to help visualize her comments.

Guest 1st October 2011

8 Our guide was fantastic. We were delayed so the tour was short and my husband lost his carry on bag at the airport which made it somewhat annoying

Carl Fremont 26th September 2011

Eva was very good. We enjoyed the tour. Too bad there are just one synagogue

Evgenia 6th September 2011

The organisation was great, just as well as the guide. Very knowledgeable, willing to share, showing her personal touch with the topic. Amazing!

Guest 10th January 2011

Our guide Marta was very charming and attentive to our needs. We appreciated the tour being private and being able to freely ask questions during the visit.

Guest 1st September 2010

Marta was an excellent guide. Informed, expressive and a good communicator. The tour was well worth it and met our expectations.