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Who we are is owned and operated by Lifeboat Limited, a UK registered Company (5351515) with offices in the UK and Poland. For years we have been providing some of the finest and most popular city destination guides in print and online - all for FREE!

Now we are bringing the same level of no-nonsense, passionate dedication to travel reservations in the region - again, for FREE! By getting rid of unfriendly pre-payments, commissions and cancellation fees, we aim to make the same impact on travel reservations. Why pay for your travel weeks or months before you go? With us, you keep your money until you go!

We are real people who look forward to helping you out with all aspects of your stay. Call or contact us anytime!

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5 Pied Bull Court
Bury Place
London WC1A 2JR
United Kingdom
tel: +44 208 8168516

ul. Szczepanska 7/4a
Krakow, 31-011
tel: +48 12 4214865