Off the Beaten Track Tour

Already been to the Palace of Science and Culture? Desperate to avoid the tourists in the Old Town? Not fussed by the Warsaw Uprising Museum? Then we’ve got the tour for you...

Whereas most tourists are happy to run around town ticking off ‘the biggies’ and taking the obligatory snaps for the family album, there’s an increasing number of smarter, more streetwise, visitors who are desperate to discover ‘the real Warsaw’. They want to see what really happens in this city, to understand what makes it tick, and to observe that most fascinating of creatures ­ the Varsavian ­in their natural environment.

Take the ‘Off The Beaten Track’ tour and you’ll be shown the city from the unique perspective of our local guides, who know Warsaw inside out and are keen to share its many secrets with you. From gothic cemetries and rooftop gardens, to Russian markets and speakeasy bars, these guys will show you an abundance of things the average tourist will simply never find... as well as answering your every question and feeding you plenty of fascinating Warsaw trivia.

You simply won’t find a more unique, authentic and fun Warsaw experience anywhere else, so jump off the bandwagon and onto this insiders’ tour!

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Bas Van Leeuwen 13th December 2016

The guides were absolutely fantastic!

Stig Karlsson 21st September 2012

This was really what made my stay in Warszawa. The nice, skilled and enthusiastic Michael made me know the things I would never have found on my own.

Guest 6th March 2012

excellent tour and very fun guide - got to see what i believe is the 'real' Warsaw instead of having a 'regular' tour

Guest 13th January 2012

A very unique experience, Rafal is a nice guy, we had a lot of fun in the Nisa Van

Guest 7th April 2011

I did this tour wih my 17 year daughter. We wanted to learn and understand a little of the history of Warsaw and particular the changes that took place from before world war 11 through the socialist period and the trnsition to capaitilist economy. We were looking for a sense of the life of a city, not historic facts that can be found in a book or on line, but a visual experience that would bring the history of the city to life. Rafal achieved this beyond our expectations, he clicked with both of us despite the age gap (which is often very difficult to find in a tour guide) Siophie loved him and came away with a a very fond and lasting impression of Warsaw. Our visit to Warsaw was so brief but it feels like a city we know excpetionally well. Our trip tothe uprising museum the afternoon before our tour helped get a few things into perspective. If any of your guests want to understand this City I suggest a tour with Rafal is mandatory. Clive.

Steven Smith 3rd April 2011

Rafa was an affable, pleasant guide and I definitely saw places that I doubt many other tourists were aware of.

Jacob D. Gnanakkan 13th November 2010

The tour was so unique and beautiful. The wonderful guide was so cheerful and charming which made all the difference on that rainy day. I got to see some places I would've never gotten to see otherwise, the remnants of the Soviet dominance, the rebellions, the left-over walls, a wonderful Soviet-styled bar with slides and music to fit the occasion. The vehicle was also a dream to be in with plenty of paraphernalia from the past days. I highly recommend this tour.