Exquisite Warsaw Tour

Get out your credit cards folks! This amazing tour may cost a few euro but we guarantee it will be worth every single one of them, providing you (and maybe a loved one) with an experience you will never forget...

You’ll start the day with a picnic at noon in the resplendent Royal Gardens of Wilanow, where a lavish lunch in the shade of weeping willows will set a suitably idyllic tone. Once you’ve had a stroll around this scenic and historic district it’s off to an equally magnificent location ­ the Lazienki Park and Palace. Here you’ll capture a glimpse of the lifestyle of Polish Kings with a cruise out onto the shimmering Royal Lake... (Now is a good time to propose by the way!).

After you’ve drifted back to shore there will just be time for you to be chauffeured to the oldest active weaver’s workshop in Europe, for some authentic handicrafts shopping, before heading onto the stunning rooftop gardens of Warsaw’s library. Take in the superb panoramic view from the garden with sparkling wine and canapes! Don’t stare too long though, as next it’s time for a sumptuous dinner at a chosen location (don’t worry we’ve got loads of ideas!) - cooked by one of the best chefs in the entire city.

After you’ve daintily dabbed the last of the dessert crumbs away with a napkin, our chaperons will produce from nowhere two (or however many!) tickets to the National Opera...You’ll see the stars of the stage performing in the magnificent Teatr Wieki and we’re sure that you’ll leave exhilirated by the romance and magic of it all!

Wow, if all that wasn’t enough we can also organise any other special ideas you have ­ how about a private recital of Chopin’s piano music? You name it, we’ll make it Exquisite!

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