Kayak Adventure Tour

A bit of adventure awaits you on Gdansk’s smooth and easy waterways! See areas inaccessible by foot via kayak or canoe with Gdansk Tours! The storied Old Town, hydraulic fortifications,and rare birds await you on the water! Kayaking tours can be had from 10:00 to 6:00pm and there are a variety of options to choose from. Tours can be as short as one hour or as long as four, or you can simply rent a vessel by the hour or the day and paddle out on your own voyage of discovery!

Price for 1 Person Kayak - 8 PLN per hour or 24 PLN for whole day
Price for 2 Person Kayak - 12 PLN per hour or 36 PLN for whole day
Price for 3 Person Canoe - 16 PLN per hour or 48 PLN for whole day

You have the option of discovering Gdansk’s waterways for yourself, but a guide is available for a more thorough voyage, at an additional cost.

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Paul Chorus 3rd October 2016

The kayak tour itself was nice, but the added value of a guided tour we missed as the guide itself did not tell much about the (history of) Gdansk. Consequently, the price was rather high.

Christine Wohlgenannt 1st August 2016

Wonderful kayak tour with very nice guid

Guest 25th July 2016

Could of had more information about the history of gdansk.

Guest 20th October 2010

The RIB boat adventure was a super experience!! I'm looking forward to doing that again some day!!