Wit Stwosz Krakow

Wit Stwosz (also Veit Stoss) was one of the stars of Renaissance Krakow. A sculptor of exceptional talent, he weaved his magic across the city, carving royal tombs, altar-pieces and more. Despite spending astonishing sums of money and an astonishingly long time building the altar-piece for St. Mary's, he was still made an honorary citizen of Krakow. This elegant, centrally located, traditional hotel is in fact owned by St. Mary's and it's well worth considering if you're keen on classic European style. Location is wonderful, and you'll hear the bells of St. Mary's wafting softly over, together with the centuries old bugle-call from the church's highest tower.

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the lobby of the Wit Stwosz

a room in the Wit Stwosz

Len Witek 19th October 2010

This hotel is one place a tourist should not miss. Beside the incredible location, the staff cou;ld not be more gracious, ready to plesse you, pleasant--any where.

Michela Boscutti 27th August 2010

I couldn't help to constantly regret the fact that though perfectly located a few steps from the square and in a fascinating old palace and though the service was great the overall impression was of a shabby hotel. In the end this is mostly due to the furniture and the carpets and could be easily solved and that seems all the more a pity: such a nice place so under-exploited.

Guest 13th August 2010

Very clean, excellent service. They even allowed us to keep our luggage at the hotel while were out site seeing even though we check out in the morning and didn't return until late afternoon.

Lene Nybakken 21st April 2010

The Hotel was great. Big romms, clean and nice. The breakfast could have been better.