Saraswati Wroclaw

Nestled in the forested mountains of the Czech/Polish border, is one of the most idyllic retreats you will find in this region of Poland, the Hotel Saraswati. A luxurious spa hotel, Saraswati takes its name from the Indian Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts; which might seem strange until youíre told that the owner is an American/Indian musician who has concentrated on creating a resort as much focussed on a healthy spirit and mind as a healthy body. The chance to meditate, philosophise or even jam with other guests can prove just as purifying as a dip in the local nutrient-rich mud baths or a session in the hotelís professional saunas. Saraswati is not only perfect for a weekend break of pampering and beauty treatments however. Itís location in the beautiful Sudety mountains make it an ideal base for activities such as hiking, fishing, Nordic walking and skiing Ė all of which can be organised by the hotel staff. If you would like to book a break at the Saraswati Spa we can arrange not only your rooms but transport to and from Wroclaw airport, all at a fraction of what you would pay in most countries for such a five star experience.

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the lobby of the Saraswati

a room in the Saraswati