Rialto Warsaw

Book yourself a weekend of fantasy at this fabulous hotel in uptown Warsaw. Rialto rocked the hotel world when it opened in 2003, winning roaring acclaim at the European Hotel Design Awards. The quirky boutique hotel is a warm tribute to Warsaw's chic 1930's legacy, echoing the art deco glamour that helped Poland sweep the board at Paris's pre-war International Fair. Slip back to the world of Pola Negri and soak up some smooth art deco style that comes with a contemporary twist. And speaking of twists, don't miss out on the sleek restaurant and bar downstairs, run by Warsaw's leading chef, Kurt Scheller, who also boasts a moustache of which Lord Kitchener would be proud!

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the lobby of the Rialto

a room in the Rialto

Guest 31st July 2010

Beautiful room - the entire hotel was immaculate.