Podewils Gdansk

Built upon Granary Island, which still bears the scars of the Second World War, this five star hotel is a glimpse of the beauty and prestige of Gdansk’s golden age. Look out your window and be treated to Gdansk’s famous maritime skyline, or simply take a closer look at the antique furnishings and modern fixtures within the hotel. Each room has cleverly included conveniences like internet, satellite TV, DVD players, and AC in an old fashioned, comfortable setting. Each room also comes complete with a luxury bathroom. The Podewils restaurant offers the finest Polish dishes, including succulent deer in green apple sauce, complete with Zubrowka vodka - the perfect compliment for any tasty meal! The hotel’s conference room is also something to behold, as a massive ‘Arthurian’ antique table gives each and every member of your team internet access from where they’re sitting. Finally, the Podewils specializes in weekend retreats and holiday events. Let them organize a weekend of fine cuisine or a special Valentine’s day surprise for your treasured partner.

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the lobby of the Podewils

a room in the Podewils