Holiday Inn Krakow

If you're after unpretentious yet smart accommodation in a good central location then Holiday Inn is a safe bet on both counts. The heart of the hotel lies in what was once one of the most fashionable palaces in pre-war Cracow. Many great literary and artistic figures used to hang out here, such as the witty comet Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski. The morose Soviet legacy has been given a fresh makeover and a modern glass extension gives the hotel lots of space to play with. Given that the hotel has as many as 237 rooms, all with air-conditioning, it's a great choice for group bookings. Cracow's historic Market Square is a five minute stroll away.

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the lobby of the Holiday Inn

a room in the Holiday Inn

Guest 9th November 2017

The hotel was very nice and clean and comfortable. Veronika at was excellent to deal with.

Rosanna Morrone 24th September 2012


Rosanna Morrone 24th September 2012

All rigt.