Ester Krakow

Ester was the legendary Jewish lover of King Kazimierz the Great, the monarch who founded this enchanting district in 1335, giving the settlement his own name in the process. Once a city in its own right, Kazimierz became the most brilliant centre of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe. Now, following the twentieth century whirlwind, the district has started to regain its colours. It's been the hipper half of Krakow for a couple of years now, and Ester is the first smart hotel to open up here. It's located on one of the districts most historic nooks, so if you want to try something different, book yourself in here. You can expect all modern amenities and a warm, welcoming style. What's more, all the artistic and historic treasures of Kazimierz are right on your doorstep.

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the lobby of the Ester

a room in the Ester